Awakened By Science

What science really says about the existence of God!

What this site does

Two questions often asked are “Is there a God?” and “If so, which God is it?”  There are several ways to address these questions, science being one.  This site takes a systematic look at scientific discovery to address these two questions through a series of lectures downloadable as MP3 files or listened to on your computer. Information is divided into two trails, one addressing “Is there a God?” and the other “If so, which God is it?” Each trail has its own page with a brief description of the topics and links to the associated MP3 audio files.  For most topics, a Dig Deeper button will be available to connect to a page with additional resources and recordings.  This allows the investigator to get a larger picture in an orderly way without being overloaded with too much information at once, but have the ability to explore a topic of particular interest in much greater detail.


How it works

The talks deal with high-level scientific and philosophical concepts that are broken down in a way that someone without a science background can understand.  They were either recorded in a studio or presented before a live audience.  In either case no visual aids are needed.  Each presentation describes examples to create visual images in the mind of the listener.  “Is there a God?” is covered with a series on scientific evidence for the existence of God.  “Which God is it?” is addressed by a scientific look at the Bible, for reasons explained in the introduction to that series.


Be ready for an intellectual adventure

Think of each series as a journey along a well-marked and thought-out trail.  Before starting one must set preconceptions, prejudices and superstitions aside and be willing to confront fears, internal barriers or emotional reactions that would hinder the journey.  Just doing that is a brave step.  The journey will most likely expose you to several aspects of science you’ve never heard before and take you into a realm where logic, evidence and rational thought are the foundation for belief.  Either trail is a good place to start; it just depends on your personal interest.  However this site is new and the Bible trail is polished but the science trail is a rough draft.  Be brave, be adventurous, be informed, be inquisitive, set fears aside and start your journey by clicking one of the links below.