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Dig Deeper: Begining and Structure of the Universe

This page contains additional information on the topic designated above. The set of lectures in both the Science and Bible Trails contains robust presentations but choices were made regarding what to cover so the talks would be a reasonable length.  Dig Deeper pages allow one to more thoroughly investigate topics of particular interest. The resources below are in no particular order and one need only target those of interest.

Note: This website is new and the Dig Deeper pages are in the early stages of development.  A few live topics are available and a list of future topics may be given at the end.  Even when this site is complete, the Dig Deeper pages will continually change as new information becomes available.

Multiverse – Possibility of Other Universes

Could there be other universes besides our own?  This concept is referred to as the multiverse, for multiple universes.  This is currently a hot area of astrophysics and has strong philosophical implications. Two talks are presented below that cover much of the same material.  The first one is a follow-up to the “Beginning and Structure of the Universe” topic supported by this dig-deeper page, and picks up where that lecture left off.  The second one was designed for an audience not part of this series and covers both the formation of our universe (Big Bang cosmology) and the multiverse.  Although they cover the same material, there is some unique material in each talk.

If you enjoyed the “Beginning and Structure of the Universe” presentation, I recommend following it up with a lecture on the multiverse as it is such a big topic in physics and philosophy.   My advice is if you just finished the universe talk and basically understood it; listen to the first multiverse talk, as it will be all new ground.  If you are highly interested in this topic and want a final review, then follow the first multiverse lecture with the second talk that covers both topics.   If you didn’t fully understand the “Beginning and Structure of the Universe” talk, listen to the second multiverse lecture to review Big Bang cosmology before getting into the multiverse.

The Multiverse

This is a follow-up to the lecture on the beginning of our universe, or Big Bang cosmology, and assumes you understood the basics. This talk introduces itself as “part-5 of the science series”.  Please ignore that because when it was recorded I had intended to organize the series differently. This is the same lecture as the multiverse talk on the Science Trail.
Duration: 60 minutes. File size: 14 MB.

Our Universe and the Multiverse

This talk covers the beginning and structure of our universe and current thoughts regarding the possibility of other universes.  It looks at the implications of astrophysics regarding whether a God or intelligent agent must be responsible for our universe, or whether our universe could be the result of mindless, random process.  It does not reference Biblical statements on the cosmos or creation.  This talk was designed for a presentation to an intellectual audience, but not necessarily an audience with a science background.  It covers a lot of material in a short time so keep your mental seatbelt on.  However it is well organized, understandable and covers a lot of important concepts.
Duration: 64 minutes. File size: 15 MB.

Future Topics