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Dig Deeper: Noah's Ark

This page contains additional information on the topic designated above. The set of lectures in both the Science and Bible Trails contains robust presentations but choices were made regarding what to cover so the talks would be a reasonable length.  Dig Deeper pages allow one to more thoroughly investigate topics of particular interest. The resources below are in no particular order and one need only target those of interest.

Note: This website is new and the Dig Deeper pages are in the early stages of development.  A few live topics are available and a list of future topics may be given at the end.  Even when this site is complete, the Dig Deeper pages will continually change as new information becomes available.

Question and Answer Session

This talk was given to a live audience during a 12-part, weekly series.  The presentation was followed by a Q&A session, and here is a recording of the discussion.  The group consisted of a mix of Christians, atheists and a few from other perspectives.  The group’s commonality was based on a desire to investigate nature and the Bible from a logical and scientific perspective, regardless of one’s conclusions or beliefs. The group strongly bonded, friendships were formed, creating a safe environment for people to express their ideas and viewpoints.

The group averaged about a dozen people, including a scientist with a PhD in neurobiology. They were willing to challenge the talk and asked some interesting questions. Often the discussions got into areas not covered in the lecture. The recorder used for the Q&A was placed in one spot so regrettably the sound quality and volume are inconsistent, depending upon how close the speaker was to the device. 
Duration: 7 minutes. File size: 5 MB.